Want To Continue To Get Herbal Medicines? Read This and Act Please!

   The Alliance of Natural Health has sent an appeal this weekend to ask for our help. The Government had promised to allow trained, professional herbalists to be able to continue to prescribe individualised herbal medicines as they have for many years. However, the rumour is that the Government is going to U-Turn (again). This would mean that your ability to get and use herbal medicines, given by qualified people, would be very limited.

According to statistics, ANH say that up to 8 million people in the UK rely on, use regularly or have used the services of herbal medicine practitioners.

To read more about the problem, read here. Click here for a ready-prepared letter you can send to your local MP.

Herbal Medicine, as given by qualified, well-trained professionals, has an excellent and very long pedigree and herbal medicines have been used for way longer than the current pharmaceutical medicine model. It beggars belief that our ability to choose which medicine we use for our own bodies is yet again under threat. Please help by standing up for your right to choose, even if you don’t currently use a herbal medicine practitioner: who says you might not need to in future?!

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