Don’t Sleep With Your Mobile!

Fascinating post this weekend from Michelle at FoodsMatter on a simple experiment to test how cress grows in a room with mobile phone levels of radiation compared to in a room with none:

Cress succumbs to mobile phone radiation

After 12 days, here is the cress in the no mobile room:

successful cress

and here’s the cress in the mobile room:

Unsuccessful cress

Not good. The worst part of Michelles’ post is noting that some of the cress seeds had actually mutated; it was not just that they hadn’t grown.

Obviously, we’ll be intrigued to see if the Karolinska Institute gets the same results. Meantime, as I have said many times, do not have wireless, digital or mobile equipment in your rooms, especially chargers, wireless routers and DECT phone holders; site them in hallways and well away from you. For computers, use Ethernet technology, which is faster and more stable anyway than WiFi.

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