Busy Judging!

Just a quick sorry if I have been a bit quiet on the blog front the last few weeks. I have been judging both the Winners and Innovations categories of the

logoFreeFromFood Awards and the


logoFreeFrom SkinCare Awards.

Been lots of fun and, particularly with the skincare entries, lots of peering at very long Latin names, umming and aahing, tutting and appreciative smiling. Anyone watching me would have thought I had gone mad and they would have been half right!

Anyway, just wanted to check in and say I am still here and working on your behalf at the same time. As I have gone through each of the entries, I have written down a – surprisingly long – list of potentially truly gluten free toiletries and foods. Now I just have to find the time to follow them all up and start the process of questioning manufacturers.

One point I will pass on is that if the industry just took the time to say what their Vitamin E/tocopherol came from in their products (ie. wheatgerm, soya, sunflower, synthetic), it would make sensitive people’s  choices a whole lot easier! In case you haven’t sussed it, that’s where much of the tutting came in.. Happily, though, there was much more appreciative smiling going on for lower toxicity levels than I have seen in previous years. Non-toxic and truly gluten free: now that would be good! I am actually tempted to design my own and throw the TGF range into the ring ;).

Anyway, back in reality land rather than dream world, I will be working on the TGF Toiletries list as soon as I get a chance whilst those Latin names are still burned onto my brain cells.



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