Truly #Gluten Free Updates

Just to let you know, I have recently finished some updates in case you need them.

The Barrier Plan updates will go out to everyone who has purchased the Plan tomorrow – these include changes to the Quercetin recommended, the cross-reactive foods lists and newly updated Barrier Plan, Product Guide and Bringing Down A Reaction factsheet.

The Bringing Down A Reaction factsheet has been changed to reflect the new Quercetin recommended and I have changed the Vitamin C too.

The TGF Candida Plan has been updated to change the Paraclens, which contains ascorbic acid now which I think is very probably corn-derived despite the label saying corn free, to a TGF safer one. Please ask me if you need to know the new one as this plan doesn’t update automatically for purchasers.

The TGF Supplements Master List has been updated with updated info on Thorne Vit D 25,000iu and I have added some new garlic based anti-bacterials.

Ok, hope they help. Will keep beavering away for you…

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