Save Our Supplements

A quite rightly reminded me today of the ongoing threat to restrict our ability to buy supplements at a level that would do any real good. I have waxed lyrical about this many times before but it is not a subject that is going away, sadly.

Please go here to read a brief summary of what’s being proposed in terms of limiting the maximum strengths of the supplements we would be able to buy.

If you don’t mind massive extra costs for having to buy several lower-dose supplements to get the amount you need, and aren’t bothered about having to down handfuls of capsules instead of your usual 1 or 2, do nothing. If not, please sign the petition at Consumers For Health Choice.

2 Replies to “Save Our Supplements”

  1. Done! Just signed the petition. This all makes me so cross. All these lovely natural things that help me with my health, what would I do without them? Fingers crossed someone sees sense on this one.

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