Benefits of #Coconut Oil

13 Evidence-Based Medicinal Properties of Coconut Oil

After years as a nutritionist being taught that coconut oil is not good for you, I have found that a hard habit to break. But, the evidence is now so overwhelming that coconut oil is a beneficial fat for us, I have been trying to get more of it in my diet. Trouble is: I can’t stand the taste of the stuff! I do know some of you absolutely lurve it though, so it must be my mad taste buds ;). I know one of you slathers it on her face as a moisturiser and another of you uses it as a butter-like spread on GF toast!

I have started making dessicated coconut macaroons as a sweet snack and I use quite a bit of coconut flour and coconut milk in cooking now but I just cannot bring myself to like coconut oil/butter (the solid stuff). It taints everything as far as my palate is concerned. Such a shame!

I saw this useful research/evidence-based run-down of the benefits of coconut oil today in my Inbox and thought it might be useful for some of you to make the change too if you haven’t already.

Meantime, I will keep trying the coconut oil. Any ideas for me to make it more palatable…?

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  1. Try the Higher Nature Organic Coconut Oil in the blue pot Micki, we’re not big fans either but this one came recommended as without the smell or taste so we happily use it. Bought some by the Groovy Food company and used last week and had the big thumbs down from the family. Promptly bought some more by Higher Nature as a result.

  2. Make lots of coconut curries, then you won’t notice it. I use the virgin organic from Coconutty in everything now. The only thing I can’t cope with is mushrooms fried in it. They are yuck!

    1. I shall look at that one, then, thanks Sue. Lots of ones for me to try there. I love coconut milk in curries and will try adding some coconut oil then.

  3. If you like coconut milk then just use lots of that if you don’t like the oil. There is oil in the milk so it’s good. I make coconut porridge which is lovely, and I use the milk as a non-dairy cream on fruit or puddings. The milk from Coconutty is so thick, I take it out of the tin and beat it with the electric mixer to get air in. Then store in the fridge in a container to dip into. My cats love it too.

    1. Great, thanks Sue, for those ideas. How do you make coconut porridge then…? Sounds yummy. I tried coconut milk ice cream this week. Nope, yukky for me anyway!

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