Gut/Stool Tests To Go Up In May

Another bit on tests for you – the lab in Germany we use for candida, bacteria, leaky gut tests etc, has informed me that prices are going up a bit in May. If you are due a re-test or have been thinking about having one, please order before the end of April to save money!

Happily, the price rise is not too bad. Candida goes up from £59 to £63, the all-in-one intestinal colonisation (all bacteria, moulds, yeasts, pH and oral swab) rises from £90 to £94, but leaky gut, pancreatic insufficiency and SIgA are all the same as before. (NB. Prices quoted include P&P)

The lab is also introducing a new stool IgE antibody allergy test. Plus, we will also be able to order individual hormones (by saliva samples taken throughout the day), which is really useful if you don’t want a full hormone test. I shall tell you more about those in May.

For now, get in quick and save a few pennies if you need the re-tests etc doing. Go to the shop at or call me.

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