Vaccinations, Statins and HPV

If you are interested in the vaccination debate, take a gander at FM’s latest review of a recent conference by the British Society of Environmental Medicine which looked at the truth and supposed science behind some of our ingrained medical practices. Truly fascinating and shocking info.

In particular, if you have teenage girls and are thinking about them having the HPV cervical cancer vaccine (and I know many of you have asked my opinion on this), there is a good overview of  recent statistics and more shocking info you probably wont have been privy to. Here is a taster:

“There is as yet not even a direct ‘link’, let alone causation, between the HPV virus and cancer – even persistent infections with HPV only increase the risk of precancerous cells.
• In 2006 the FDA acknowledged that if a girl has been previous exposed to the HPV virus, vaccination with Gardasil or Cervarix will increase her risk of cervical cancer by 44% in the case of Gardasil and 32% in the case of Cervarix – but there is no way of knowing whether or not a girl has been exposed prior to vaccination.
• There are many different strains of the HPV but no testing is done to ensure that the vaccines are relevant for the strain that the girl might have – and if it is the wrong strain, no one has any idea what the effect of the vaccine on that strain of the HPV may be.”

Finally, there is a comment on the research behind statins and how they have become all-powerful prescriptions, despite the science not stacking up.

Ooer. Have a read.

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