Cat Luxury (of course)

For anyone, like me, who has a cat who is determined to sit with you whilst you work, I’ve found just the thing! I can’t see it for sale anywhere in the UK, but you could always DIY one or ask a local carpenter. I mean: what a great idea. No more over-heated and fur-clogged laptops that cost a fortune to fix. And an adoring cat staring at you all day, trying to put you off.

I had to share it for you. Whilst we’re at it, who wants an ugly scratching post when you can have…

A cat cactus!

You can make you own, too. Try this (I’d use longer pieces of pipe, though, not sure why she is using small bits??):

And finally: posh teepees are not just for your kids’ bedrooms, get one for your fur baby! Much more elegant, and one bed they might actually sit in!

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