Knee Pain: Not Surgery Needed But Muscle Work!

Image result for poorly kneeI’ve been saying this for years now any time anyone asks me about knee pain and should they have surgery? Most cases are usually misalignment putting stress on the connective tissue like ligaments, tendons and muscles and physio or muscle work at the first signs of knee pain is usually the answer – and then importantly usually negates any need for so-called ‘wear and tear’ knee replacement surgery later.

I used to do a lot of knees in my massage & manipulation days. It was caused an awful lot by splayed feet, poor walking stance, crossing the legs when sitting and the like, even foot issues, for example, where someone walks differently to avoid pain on a corn or something. It builds up over a long time and eventually your knee says ‘enough!’ and start to complain. The same a lot in hips too.

My view is always to look for the bleedin’ obvious before you get to surgery. See a muscle specialist (not a relaxation masseur but a preferably a NAMMT one), a physio and or a podiatrist. Even an Alexander Technique teacher will help.

Lynne McTaggart this week said something similar in her post so I felt a little smug ;):

Weak At The Knees?

Good luck and hope you have strong knees (and hips) for life!

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