Sensory Overload When Shopping

Do you sometimes get overwhelmed when out shopping or in a busy place?

This happens to me sometimes and last week in a coffee shop actually. The noise started crowding in on me and I felt panic building. I’m just getting myself back out into the world a bit and it was my first time in a busy coffee shop for several years. I lasted half an hour and had a – sparkling water  – in a plastic bottle – and using their glass! That might not sound much but it was a lot of firsts for me as I get less sensitive to foods and chemicals now so I was really pleased with that part of it. I guess I will always be sensitive and overwhelmed easier than some, but at least if we know about it, we can be prepared and act on it when we recognise what’s going on.

I simply excused myself and went into a quiet gift shop next door. I came out with a lovely small sparkly green vase. Oh dear. Never mind.

Anyway, Elena from sent me some resources for the

Autism, ADHD & Behavioural Disorders

page on the A-Z Factsheets. One of them was about this very subject and I found it full of very useful, practical tips for both children and us larger kids! Have a read if this sort of thing resonates with you:

Reduce The Noise: Help Loved Ones With Sensory Overload Enjoy Shopping

Image result for smelly candles  I find that I can be in shops for about an hour and I certainly can’t bear being near those stinky candle shops, ugh, and then I like to be near the water again to purify! I was most disappointed this week to see a post from my favourite local textiles shop announcing their new ‘bath bomb’ range. I could smell them before I even rounded the corner last week, so that’s another shop that loses a loyal customer by making the environment stinky! Ah well.

Anyway, hope that helps you or someone you know.


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