Candida Mouth Treatment: OralPlex to Biocidin

In some of the plans eg. the Candida Plan and Gut Plan, I have suggested using Biocare’s OralPlex (used to be OxyPro) for killing off yeasts in the mouth as part of the hygiene strategy to prevent reinfection.

People often miss out this crucial step in candida treatment programmes and then wonder where the yeast is getting in to them from and why it’s not going! In fact, part of the reason I use the BTS Candida Test (see Gut Tests here) specifically is that it includes a mouth swab so that mouth levels, and not just what’s in the gut, can also be measured. Sometimes, you can clearly see a mouth infestation, and mouth treatment then is important if they are to get it licked (sorry, mouth pun, couldn’t resist!).

Of course, I won’t even mention that kissing a partner with a mouth yeast issue is not going to help you there either…often a partner needs to be checked too if you suspect they are passing some to you. Even more, I’m not going to delve into oral transfer of yeast from other bodily parts, if you get my drift.., but I have seen this pretty often be part of the issue. Just sayin’.

Incidentally, this is also the only test to check for SAPs positive changes to the candida too. That basically shows that it has morphed into a mycelial form and is pathogenic and therefore needs treating, rather than just showing an overgrowth of yeast in the mouth or gut. For more on Candida testing generally, do read the Gut Tests Overview linked to above and the Candida Factsheet. Happily the BTS test is one of the cheapest around, too. Yay!

Anyway, as is the way of these things – and always giving me more to do – Biocare have advised that they have now discontinued OralPlex, helpfully, and suggest using Liquid Biocidin (grapefruit seed extract) instead. I thought their rundown of how to use it might help so see that below, and I have changed the Candida Plan accordingly (TGF one is to be done yet).

Obviously, this will be no good for anyone with citrus sensitivity. In which case, I would suggest either a good teatree oil or P73 oreganol. For non citrus-allergics, GSE as it’s known in alternative heath circles, is very effective for anything fungal.

Liquid Biocidin 15ml

30 drops in 2 oz water. Once to three times a day based on patient tolerance
10-20 drops 1 to 2 times a day held under the tongue for approximately one minute before swallowing. (May feel discomfort if skin is broken). Continue until symptoms subside.
Add 30 drops to 1oz of Cooper sterile saline solution (1/2 physiologic saline), place in appropriate squeeze bottle or atomiser for “thrush’ or other problems in the sinus nasal area. Once a day until symptoms abate.
The same solution as in nasal douche may be applied (a few drops). (Note the solution should be mixed every day).
40 drops in 2oz (60 mls) of water. Retain and agitate for 2 minutes, for thrush, canker, sores etc. Three times a day until symptoms abate.
Put directly on finger and toe nails and canker sores. Not recommended for the face.
10 drops in 1/2 pint of luke warm water until symptoms abate.

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