How To Get Blood For Tests

Just to say I have today updated the FAQ about phlebotomy. Happily, Regenerus has now agreed a national service with Nuffield hospitals so you can get your blood taken more easily if doing one of the tests that come through them.

You simply request a form from Regenerus if choosing Nuffield, take it along and Nuffield will give you your sample back for you tos end back as per instructions. Costs £30 but will make life a lot easier for those whose GP surgeries and local facilities don’t play ball!

here’s the new bit in the FAQ for you:

How do I get my blood taken for a blood test?

You will need to have blood taken at a local phlebotomy service of your choice; that’s usually at your local GP surgery (can be free), hospital or local private medical centre eg. Nuffield. There is usually a charge for phlebotomy, so bear that in mind.

Most of the tests on the shop are done via Genova or Regenerus labs. Here are Genova’s phlebotomy services, which are mainly London and South East-based.

Regenerus uses a central London service but also has a national service set up with Nuffield hospitals – check their page here.

The cost is normally about £30 for blood-draw and details will be included in your test kits.

You can, of course, set up your own phlebotomy using a local service. Just check they can centrifuge your sample if that is necessary for your specific test.

Medical Express do children’s phlebotomy if you need that.

Medical Assistance UK do more geographical areas: here is their general leaflet and prices.

Noviche also offers more coverage – see their list of postcodes and info here.

There are also freelance phlebotomists and local services around the country so check etc. Most pathology labs have the names of freelance phlebotomists who can come to you instead if they don’t do it.

Some of the medical centres nowadays demand a GP/consultant referral letter. I am not an NHS doctor so I can’t give that to you or set up contracts with the centres; please talk to your health professional.

If your test needs centrifuging, check your facility or service can do that – usually larger operations such as hospitals and some of the mobile services above; most GP surgeries can’t afford one!

Please do make sure you have thought about how to have blood taken before you order a blood test; it’s wise to call your chosen facility and ask before you order.

When you have made your phlebotomy appointment, simply take the whole test kit in with you, say you are having a private test done via a medical nutritionist, hand them the kit which will include instructions for what sample needs taking etc and they will do the rest. You will then be given the sample back and can send it back to the lab in your packaging.

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