Could ALV Enzyme Protect Against Coeliac Injury?

Interesting study recently in Gastroenterology journal where people given gluten protease enzymes were found not to develop mucosal (villi) injury when given a small amount of daily gluten in trials.

Now, before we get all excited, you have to note that the product on test was made by the same company who sponsored the trial and two of their paid employees were involved in the study. I’m not saying it’s an issue, of course, but you have have a healthy scepticism here. We already have glutenase products which we know help break down the gluten molecules and can, in some people, help to ameliorate any reactions. But, remember, that is to gluten only and this trial is only for coeliacs. Also, I note that some people withdrew from the trial because of abdominal pains – the TGF ones, possibly?

I did wince a bit for those control people who were seen to have measureable increases in inflammatory markers (IELs) and mucosal damage. Ouch. In fact, if you look more closely at the study, it appears that almost all of the participants had at least one so-called ‘adverse event,’ most commonly gut and headaches – the symptoms we would normally see in gluten reaction (note the neurological one here). In other words, whilst no villi or IEL changes were seen in some, the symptoms were – which, for me, backs up the notion that looking at the villi and gut inflammation is not enough.

Anyway, a note of hope for future treatment maybe, but I am not holding my breath. Have a read of a story in Science Daily here:

Potential new treatment may protect celiac patients from gluten-induced injury

and here is the abstract and full text in the journal


Glutenase ALV003 Attenuates Gluten-Induced Mucosal Injury in Patients With Celiac Disease

Source: enews Sep 14.

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