Twinlabs, Kirkman, Paradise Herbs UK Supplier – At Last!

Those three supplement brands have been a real bind to get in the UK. Until now. ND sadly confirmed they couldn’t get the Twinlabs Allergy Multi for us (the TGF safe alternative to the now corny MultiViMin) so I contacted YHB to beg after one of you had mentioned them to me for a different brand (thank you, J) and they have kindly got them in for us :).

I have listed Your Health Basket as a new UK supplier in the Supplement Suppliers section and, of course, organised a 10% discount for you on all purchases. Here’s the blurb for you. Note they also do the Kirkman Labs range and have said they will get the Paradise Herbs yeast free beta glucans in for us, which ND couldn’t get. Yay!


Your Health Basket: 01245 905505

Your Health Basket shop logo

This company does quite a few of the ranges we have so far found more difficult to get in the UK like Kirkman’s, Paradise Herbs and Twinlabs so well done to them!

 They also do a lot of the other ranges we like such as AOR, Higher Nature, Nutricology (the other name for Allergy Research Group), Thorne, Jarrow etc.

 Delivery is usually next day if placed before 4pm. Order online or by phone. 

 If they don’t have something from those suppliers that you need, simply use the Live Chat, call or email them to ask.

10% logo

If you use YHB, you can get a special 10% discount from me as a present.

 Just give them my code Rose12209 or just my name Micki Rose if you have forgotten it and it will trigger the discount on all purchases for you.

Thank you to YHB for being so quick, efficient and accommodating our – as usual – awkward requests without batting an eyelid.

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