How The Doctor Sees You, The Chronic Patient

A couple of our regular readers, Clare Greasley and John Scott have set up a fabulous new facebook group  ‘Food Intolerance, IBS and Autoimmune Support‘, of which I am now am invited member. My first advice is to go and join – there are lots of members and discussions going on there already.

This morning, though, I picked up a great link on there to a post where a doctor describes how he feels when his chronic patient comes in to see him. It is a fascinating insight into the insecurities and fears of a doctor but also he gives useful tips on how to get the right relationship with your doctors. Have a read:

A Letter to Patients With Chronic Disease

Anyway, good luck to the new group – it’s important that we all share our knowledge and support each other. I am not the world’s best facebooker and have yet to set up my business page (another job to do, I need an intern or something!!), but I will do it soon. And I will try to stop by and give my two penn’orth to this new group as and when I can.

If anyone else has any fave sites they get support from, do tell me – I am thinking of setting up a Resources page for you. Again, when I get a mo 😉

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