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Ravenstone Manor Hotel and  Restaurant  Just got a message this morning from J, who recently stayed in a hotel and was pleasantly surprised about their ability to provide ‘proper’ gluten free menus for her. As she says, with experience, she didn’t expect much, but was delighted. I said I would pass her recommendation on for anyone else needing a nice place for a break:

I have just returned from a two night stay at the Ravenstone Manor in the Lake District, we had stayed at this hotel previously but not since it had been taken over about eighteen months ago.

When my partner came off the phone and said they now cater for “gluten free” I told him not to get too excited and therefore went expecting no more than some bread or rolls. Well I’m pleased to say that they take the whole thing very seriously and I could have almost anything on the menu at all meals, one of the ladies who own the place is just like me Gluten free but not coeliac, she does have a close relative who is coeliac, so really does understand.

So if you are ever aiming to be in the north again , check out the website.

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