Know Someone With Gut Problems?

If you know someone who is fed up with bloating, wind, acid, mushy erratic stools and constipation, then please tell them about the new Gut Plan package. I’ve just launched it at Purehealth. If you are hyper-sensitive, have multiple allergies/intolerances, inflammatory and/or auto-immune disorders, the TGF and Barrier Plans are for you, NOT this one, which is a sort of starter-plan if you like for much simpler cases. But, if you know someone with those gut symptoms who needs help, please pass this onto them.

Here’s the blurb from the other post in case….

Too many of us continually put up with these symptoms which really drag down quality of life, don’t they? Draining bloating, embarassing uncontrollable wind, burning acid, rushing to the loo or sitting there for ages bunged up. Not nice.  

The Gut Plan is based on clinical practice over the past decade specialising in gut and digestion problems. This is what works for the vast majority and is now available to you as a step by step programme to do at home.

I launched a free version of this a few months ago and have had some great feedback. However, I had the same issue with this one that people weren’t downloading the additional factsheets needed to really get their problems sorted out once and for all. And, I want you to get well!

So, as well as the 38 page Gut Plan, I have included 11 other guides so that you really do have everything you need in one package. Much easier.

Why DIY? This is simply because I am really busy with stuff and I know you need the help, but also because it really is quite simple to do yourself once you know how. I find myself saying the same things over and over so now I’ve written it all down for you. Think of all the clinic costs you’re saving!

Here’s some detail for you and then you can pop to the page on the website and read more

The Gut Plan – 38 Pages of Product-Specific, Detailed Advice

The Gut Plan is the result of everything I’ve learned over the many years in natural medicine where I have tended to specialise in bowel and gut issues from bloating, malabsorption, acid reflux and wind all the way through (pun intended!) to true IBS, inflammatory bowel disease like Crohn’s and colitis and auto-immune ones like coeliac disease and non-coeliac gluten sensitivity (which no-one’s ever heard of but is more prevalent than coeliac disease). These latter are best helped with the Barrier Plan which is a lot more complex.

 To sort most gut problems out, you need three main steps:

  1. You need to ensure you are digesting well enough by producing enough stomach acid and pancreatic enzymes.
  2. You need to remove the major irritants and allergens. I have yet to find a person who did not get at least some relief by removing wheat and dairy, for example, if only for a holiday to calm the gut down.
  3. You need to complete a proper gut healing programme to get the gut environment right again and support the liver as the gut heals.

 That’s what this Plan gives you. 


  • Welcome and Housekeeping                                    
  •  Introduction: Is It IBS?                                                 
  •  The Three Step Gut Plan                                           
  •  Step 1: Sort Your Digestion Out                                     
  • Step 2: Remove The Common Allergens                         
  • Step 3: Do the Detox Box                                             
  •  Detox Box Protocol                                                      
  • Symptom Support        
  • After The Plan                                                            
  • Did It Work?                                                                              
  • What Else Could Be Wrong?                                   
  • Did It Work (Mark 2!)?                                           
  • Getting Support & Resources

The Detox Box

Many of you will recognise this Gut Plan as the Detox Box we used to do in-clinic. That’s because it is that with a few updates and tweaks. Why? Because we all know it works, don’t we? I still have many of you who do this as a sort of body MOT once a year.

However, it also includes a really important section detailing the top six other issues you need to consider if your problem is chronic. This is based on the factors (eg candida, infection, thyroid problems, gut-brain link etc) I would investigate if the person didn’t get completely well on the Detox.

It’s also fab for anyone wanting to discover if their problems are related to food intolerance to the most common allergens: wheat and dairy. I get asked about this SO much, and now here’s what we would do in-clinic, but you can do it at home!

Brilliant Value

As usual, I have kept prices as low as humanly possible bearing in mind this is based on well over a decade of experience and much time writing. It’s on special offer for a limited time so if you, or anyone you know, is putting up with these draining symptoms, do get it and do yourselves a favour.

Go here to read more. And let me know if you spot any typos and what you think of it as usual; I love getting your feedback. I am always so pleased to see a new plan come together (thank you, A Team :)); they take a huge amount of work but it’s just so rewarding when someone contacts me and I can say: “Do this” and know they have what they need to get well. That’s why I do this job. 

Right, am off for a green tea and a pecan muffin. Enjoy. Tell me what you think. Can you hear the relief of a project finished in my voice?!! Adrenal Plan next…

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