July Scores on Truly #Gluten Free Still Low!

   Remember I was jumping up and down last month because my scores had dropped to 29 instead of the 229 they were a couple of years ago? Well, I am pleased to report that July’s score was still a very pleasing 35!

That’s not bad at all considering I started the month with a reaction to a supposedly safe iron supplement resulting in very swollen and tender gums and three massive mouth ulcers, which took just over 2 weeks to calm down completely. This probably lasted so long because during that time I had a reaction to the washing up liquid we used on a quick caravan break – the unusually mild migraine lasted just 24 hours which is a record! I then stupidly drank from a carton of apple juice P bought from a shop when we were out. Result: another migraine, worse this time and lasted the usual 48 hours with nausea. Bum.

Later in the month and feeling confident (ha) I tried a glass of the new Aurum Gold white wine which is made by the same people as the red SoLo I am fine with and, bang, another migraine: this time nasty but thankfully short-lived and I was fine again within 36 hours. Whisper it: they are getting shorter. If I could just stop reacting altogether, how well would I be?!!

Now I’ve just written all that I’m surprised it is only 35 score! Trust me, that is a good month because the days in between the reactions are very low now. Yay! I even had two 0 score days last week which is rare but extremely welcome. Those days show me what it must be like to be well all the time: lucky, lucky people.

So, we’ve started this month with two 1 score days – fatigue due to low iron which I have relieved today with 100% grass fed beef liver pate. Me, who thinks offal is offal, if you know what I mean! But, peg on nose, I made some and, do you know, it’s actually really tasty; I must need it? Recipe to come when I have a mo. Complete with the best bread I have made yet as I needed toast for the pate. Watch this space.

Meantime, how are your scores coming along? Keep us all up to date. I’m bearing my soul for you here – come and join me!

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  1. HI there,

    7 months gluten free I got great check up at DDS! Healthy gums, no cavities. I do use the Perio protect tray for gums when needed. It has tiny anti-biotic & hydrogen peroxide….works wonders!
    In past on gluten I would have lots of plaque build up in between teeth & sore gums.
    Only little mouth sore from acidic fruit I ate. Feel I am enjoying new life, the strict diet life style changes are worth it.
    Any one get before & after grain free test results from doing colonoscopy check up?

    Happy healing & good luck,

    1. HI MIcki,

      http://www.perioprotect.com/ (Check it out… 🙂
      IN USA, Perio Protect® is a comprehensive method that is customized for individual patients to help manage biofilms, communities of bacteria, growing in the spaces or pockets between teeth and gum tissue oral wounds. The overall goal of the Perio Protect Method™ is to manage oral biofilm with minimally invasive dentistry for lasting oral health. Perioprotect uses oxidizing and oxygenating agents like hydrogen peroxide gel with tiny bit of anti-bioitc put into a DDS prescribed custom fitted thin mouth tray for say 20 min 1 or 3x a day to debride (chemically remove) the slimy protective coating of a thick bio film and its underlying layers and also cleanse oral wounds. NO more getting painful scraping at DDS!!!

      Hope it can help!

      1. Oh, I see. Hydrogen peroxide is like bleach isn’t it so that would work. I shall look into this, thanks B. What does DDS stand for – I assume a hygienist or am I being thick?!

      2. Sure, other awesome benefit is yes, my teeth are much whiter. The cost of it is well worth it- no more pain.
        Sorry, I also get frustrated when I read acronyms! DDS = Dr of dental surgery or science.
        One needs to get a snugly made form fitted mouth tray by your Dentist & a prescription from your dentist for the tube of the hydrogen peroxide + tiny amount of anti-biotic gel.
        USA cost is about $19.00 a tube. My gums improved so much so quick no more pain, I never needed to go back to get my teeth scraped, even got an excellent on my dental check up!
        THE GLUTEN GONE, so the microorganisms bugs became homeless. Microscopic bio film gone!

        On a different note, while on an antihistamine for animal allergies, I binged on eating 6 slices of goat cheese & was ok- no allergic reaction… my throat did not swell up, my ears did not tickle or itch!
        (I have a casein allergy to cow milk, not lactose) I know dairy is a huge no no & awful for cilia, gluten sensitives but I had a weak moment 1st time eating cheese in many years. Gave in to an unexpected craving.
        I also found ” Raw Coconut Crystals” by a USA brand Coconut Secret” It is a low glycemic brown sugar alternative. It has 7 g of sugar per 1 Tablespoon Sugar has 4 g sugar per teaspoon..(Another no no for me with my Candida etc)

        I love it,

      3. Sounds good. I will have to look at that. I am using oregano and teatree oil and it seems to be working well, although something somewhere is still setting it off albeit mildly, thank goodness.

        Re the casein and anti-histamine, confirms it is an allergy reaction to it then.

        Coconut sugar – yes, I discovered this a few months ago. I like to sprinkle some on top of my muffins sometimes to give a little extra crunch. I am exploring a few of their products but, as you know, you have to find a time when you are stable and not reacting to something else AND a time when you can be ill without too much disruption to life/work before you can try new things! That’s why it always takes me so long to trial stuff. Have you tried their coconut aminos – a sort of soy sauce substitute? I am intrigued by that one as I miss that type of flavour.

  2. I notice a huge difference in bouncing back after accidnetal eatings and all symptoms less severe. Couldn’t figure out last weeks reaction, then hubby ent back to the fishmongers to buy this weeks quota. Different person serving who luckily siad the slamon and the bream are the only farmed fish they sell- last week it was only the salmon they said was farmed – and guess what I ate- some bream!- At least it shows I am not imagining it! Tried organic sultanas this week but by friday was feeling a bit crap, horrendous nightmares friday night and poor sleep pattern – first indications of something going wrong. No sultanans and all symptoms gone by sunday morning. can’t tolerate seeds so suspect the sunflower oil on the sultanas is a problem for me.
    I have been tgf for a few months now but only just getting on to supplements and probiotics, so feel I am doing really well getting reactions down and feel so well most days with lots of energy and motivation. Even went ofr a run yesterday.
    Hope is in sight with all your emails of putting things back in perhaps in a few months – but am just so happy to be happy once more- so well worth it!
    Thank you

    1. So pleased to hear that, Caroline. I think we are getting to the time now when symptoms are starting to reduce as we have been off the grains for long enough. It seems to take a good 6 months plus with most people. Much longer for others, like me :(. Onward and, er, downward symptom-wise, I hope.

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