Nice Things Happen on Mondays!

Contrary to popular belief, nice things can happen on Mondays.

Last Monday, I had a raft of lovely complimentary emails from people who had obviously discovered the site whilst browsing over the weekend. This is starting to become a thing on Mondays which is a rather nice way to start your working week!

Then someone rang to donate £500 to help me continue ‘the important TGF work you’re doing.’ This from someone not that flush themselves but who felt compelled to offer support because of their relief in finding an answer to their long term health problems. That is SO kind, and I have to say very welcome since my income has more than halved since stopping new patients almost 3 months ago! Bit of a panicky, but necessary, time and such a kind gesture makes it feel worthwhile and helps practically.

On Saturday, I spent almost the whole day trying to solve the stomach acid product problem: we have not been able to find a product strong enough to test and treat stomach acid levels. Some of you are taking a liquid HCL, which is useful but very weak (by necessity).

Then, today my first email of the morning answered the problem .One of my fave products I use for non-grain patients to help shore up absorption has been reformulated and all grain has been removed. And no carageenan in the capsule, for a nice change either. I will, of course, be trialling it shortly and will change the protocol accordingly.

Don’t you just love it when things come together?

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