Clinic Hours and Holidays

You may have noticed on the bottom of my emails that the clinic hours are now Mon, Tues and Weds 10am-8pm. I have trialled this for two weeks and it seems to be working well, I’m pleased to say.

As you know, I tried regular research weeks but a whole seven days away from emails, work and calls left me in a state of panic and always chasing hard to catch up! So, in order to get everything done and allow me some non-patient time to think, research, do my MSc and write, I have devised this system.

I am also thinking of getting a part-time assistant to help me soon, too, as I spend a lot of my time on admin when my skill in is in patient care, which makes no sense. I feel the loss of Philip, who used to be receptionist, admin assistant and all-round dogsbody until he got busy with his voice-over work! I still call him from across the hall and ask if the IT department is in to help with my laptop before it goes through the window, or if the packaging manager is available when I can’t get a parcel taped up right, or maybe has he got his delivery boy uniform on as I haven’t chance to get to the post office?! Poor man. I need a person Friday, I think. Would be good to mentor a budding nutritionist too, I reckon.

Anyway, please note that IT man, Packaging Manager, Delivery Boy and I will be taking a break from Thursday to collapse and recharge batteries. I will be turning my phone off and disabling email so I can’t be tempted (I know what I’m like!), have downloaded a load of books onto my Kindle (get me!) and got my PJs at the ready for delicious duvet days. Back in the saddle soon, nice and refreshed. Be good.

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