A guest post from Clare W about how she enjoyed Christmas on a w/d free diet. Just shows how much you can enjoy yourself without the usual bloating and thick head!

“Trifles were popular puddings wherever we went over Christmas so I invented my own instant version …. Squash a few mixed berries in the bottom of a ramekin, pour cold soya custard on top, then a layer of soya cream and sprinkle flaked almonds on top!  Not great for sugar and fat content but it was a time to indulge!!

The champagne was fine and your raspberry bellinis were a big hit with all my family!  I had some vegan red and white wine which were both fine and very enjoyable!  I also had a small mulled wine which again was ok.  I steered completely away from beer. No hangovers or other digestive effects – it was great!”

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