Keep Calm & Boost Immunity 9: Exercise & Lymphatic Flow

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Exercise is another great way to boost immunity, but you need the right amount – not too much! In effect, after exercise you get a rise in inflammation, but also a rise in antioxidants. The inflammation comes down pretty quickly but the antioxidant boost (to offset free radicals produced during the inflammatory response) continues for hours. This is great for immunity. The effect will happen after just 5-10 minutes of getting your heart rate up so your daily walk or whatever your chosen exercise is will help. Just don’t overdo it and cause a large spike in inflammation.

A little bit of muscle work and even trampolining will help too. You need to keep your lymphatic system flowing well, we don’t want any stagnant lymph hanging around.

Doing stretches like yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong etc or weights will physically ‘squeeeeeze’ your lymph through the lymph channels and nodes, keeping your immune system healthy and flowing well.

Jumping up and down, and even skin brushing are other great ways to encourage good lymph flow. There are some great free exercise classes going on online currently so why not choose one of those and do 10-15 minutes a day if you can?

As always I like Lee Holden’s Qi Gong and I see he’s done a free Emergency Immune Kit we can follow.

I’ve added this to the Purehealth COVID-19 Guidance Document here which I am updating every day at least once so do keep checking in to it.

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