Corn-sensitive? Food-sensitive? What happens if you have to go into hospital?

Medical Information Document for Hospital Visits

If you end up going into hospital and you have sensitivities, especially to corn, it pays to have some people ready to advocate for you with doctors and to have an information document ready to hand them. It’s not a nice thought and I found it rather depressing to create one – although it did show me how much better I am now than I was! – but it’s best to get one done.

To help, here is an example for you based on mine. Obviously, you tailor it for what you need. Make sure your contacts know where to find it, where your stock of meds etc are if needed and keep a copy in your handbag/purse/wallet at all times if you can. Alternatively, you could get one of those bracelets or tags with medical info on. Let us know if you have a nice one!

And also if you have a better template that you use. I’m making this up as I go along!

I’ve added this to the Purehealth COVID-19 Guidance document, which you can always find here.

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