Keep Calm & Boost Immunity 8: Handwashing


Hand Washing/Moisturising

With all the increased hand-washing, many of us are getting very chapped and cracked hands. Personally I am using Faith in Nature Handwash with extra essential oils added (see the Bug Beater in the Guidance doc). You could also use Green People’s one for Sensitives with essential oils added. Most handwashes won’t be TGF-safe (grain & dairy free) but you are washing it right off so it should be OK.

As I am TGF, I can’t use the alcohol-based ones as they contain grain-based alcohol. You may not be as sensitive and those containing alcohol are preferred for their ability to kill the virus, of course. Soap-wise, people tend to like Oliva mostly. But Akamuti do a great range of TGF soaps and handwashes too so have a look there. Their black soap has great reviews.

I am moisturising with Akamuti’s Frankincense Body Moisturiser or Rose & Almond Hand Cream, both of which are TGF. 

I’ve added this to the full Purehealth COVID-19 Guidance Document, which you can always see here – I am updating it daily!

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