Eight Steps To Healing Mini-Series: Step 6

HP edition 2To celebrate the launch of my new Healing Plan – now on Amazon at a fabulously-low price – I’m doing a mini-series of blog posts to introduce you to it.  The book is chock-full of info I hope will truly help release you from the grip of chronic illness and get you back on the path to better wellness.

Over the next few days, I’ll give you a flavour of what each step entails. I’ve adapted this from the first part of the book. The second part goes into a lot of detail about how exactly you work each step.

Here we go with Step Six…(catch up with all the steps here if you need to). This is a really crucial step and, along with the neuroplasticity brain retraining, one that takes a lot of work, but provides the most benefit!


Reveal and Deal with the Emotional Side of Your Illness

When my usual ways of healing—which had worked on hundreds of my patients—failed me, I promised myself I would be open to any clues that the ‘Universe’ wanted to send me, and I wouldn’t block them with my existing health knowledge.

Alongside my exhausting illness, I had become terrified of reactions. It’s hardly surprising; fear is a real driver of pain. My previous migraine and mouth pain had been excruciating—necessitating morphine meds a couple of times—so, no wonder I was scared of more of the same. Inevitably, things just got worse and worse the more fearful I felt.

At this point, I created a timeline of my life and my illness to help me understand it. Writing this revealed that every time there was a major stress or trauma in my life, I developed a new ‘intolerance’ or sensitivity condition shortly afterwards, or my existing symptoms worsened. Intrigued, I read up about the links between stress, trauma and illness. Reading about other people who’d similarly realised the link between their emotional past and their health—and who had got well by working on their issues—turned out to be a vital part of my healing process.

I started to see my symptoms as often having an emotional trigger rather than a physical one. My brain was simply, and misguidedly, trying to protect me and I needed to investigate why it thought I was in danger. That was the start of my emotional work; eventually, I realised that it was my inner child who felt unsafe—not adult me—and that’s who my subconscious was protecting. Finally, I could see how my sensitivities were largely a conditioned, learned response and needed neuroplasticity work to change them.

Am I saying there is nothing physically wrong? No, of course not. However, I was suffering so much hypersensitivity and pain—on an extremely restricted diet—that it simply couldn’t be my NCGS, Coeliac disease and leaky gut that were causing it. There had to be something else; I just had to work out what.

Working this step will almost certainly release a lot of long-buried, intense emotions. This can be overwhelming, so it’s important to do the work carefully and gradually, and to support yourself with strengthening exercises, networks of comforting people, and professional help if necessary. As my triggers and beliefs revealed themselves, and were dealt with, I began to get well. I was less hypersensitive, I could eat more foods, my pain decreased, and my symptoms left or reduced. Recovery is so much easier when the fear and pain has left you!

What is Your Subconscious Trying to Tell You?

If you remember, the TMS type-theory of illness explains that symptoms are often caused by your subconscious trying to get your attention. Or, they can serve as distractions; there’s nothing like physical pain to distract you from emotional pain that’s not been processed yet. Often, the subconscious will hold that memory, or event, until it perceives you are stable and finally ready to process it. Perhaps that’s why it tends to kick off when we are happy or certainly older: usually late 30s, early 40s. Anyway, I will talk you through how to analyse your symptoms, when you’re ready to work this step, to figure out what memories or events are blocking your recovery and how to deal with what comes up. 

It’s hard work releasing these emotional triggers. However, the aim is to raise them out of your subconscious—where they are doing you harm—to deal with them and release their power; not to re-traumatise yourself. 

There were many times that this emotional release work would result in actual physical pain or a symptom somewhere, and this convinced me that a lot of what I had been suffering for years must have at least been partially emotion-triggered. Often, I would often get tremendous pain in my legs; at one stage my right leg was so sore and tight that I couldn’t walk properly or get up the stairs for weeks. Eventually, I asked the leg what it wanted to tell me, and then had a sense of a horrible, huge, black wound on it.

It took a long time to get that healed as it had many layers. In fact, we traced it back to the time I couldn’t walk to school because of excruciating bone pain; this was just after Mum had committed suicide and I had gone into care, I’d been split from my home, my sisters, even my cat. Literally, I couldn’t stand it. It was indeed a deep wound: an emotional one. To this day, I know if something is really upsetting me or I’m not looking after myself well as that leg starts to hurt.

Anyway, we have to remember how much trauma and emotion we hold in physical tissues like our muscles. Of course, not everyone will have reactions like this but, if you do, we’ll look at some techniques to support yourself.



This step will teach you how to communicate with your subconscious, to ask it for advice and then use that information to guide your healing. This may sound mad to you, but this is the truth about what worked for me; remember, I’m a biochemist-trained nutritionist and it seemed crazy to me too at first!

Your support network, and developing your inner strength, are critical to this step so we’ll also look at how to find appropriate emotional support, how to strengthen these connections and deepen your spirituality. We’ll also cover how to physically support yourself during this work.

Step 7 tomorrow….If you’d like to read more, see the Preview on Amazon here and get the book. If you do buy it, it looks a tad lonely and unloved at the moment, so do please leave me a review. Thank you. Let’s get well!

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