New TrulyGlutenFree Supplements Master List Out!

grain and dairy free supplements master list cover

Christine and I have just issued an updated TGF (grain and dairy free) Supplement Master List for you with loads of new products, links and information eg. on transdermal supplements, the new Apeel they’re adding to fruit and veg and much more. I think it’s our best update yet – Christine has worked solidly on it for me to add better product links which I know was a right pain in the bum for her (sorry, C), but so helpful for us all.

And it’s still free for you – we must be bonkers! Donations are requested and we ask that you use our product links so we can get a tiny bit of commission – which helps me pay Christine for all the work!!

Please do download it – here or from the Files in the TrulyGlutenFree and Purehealth Facebook groups.

Thank you Christine for all your hard work on it. People truly underestimate how much ingesting tiny amounts of corn and other cross-reactive gluten allergens can scupper their healing efforts – and truly underestimate the importance of this list and the (seemingly never-ending) work we do to create it for you. Please use it to help yourself get better – it is our gift to you x

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