Did You Know….Boosting Collagen Can Help Vaginal Dryness in Menopause?

If you’re suffering with vaginal dryness or wrinkles, then supplementing with collagen and essential fatty acids could be a great option. Collagen is a key component for our connective tissue including skin, blood vessels, joints and bones. Oestrogen plays a big role in collagen production, so when it’s low, it can be one of the reasons for the loss in skin elasticity. Therefore, supplementing with collagen, vitamin C (which can further promote collagen production), phytoestrogens, and essential fatty acids (omega-3) can improve overall skin appearance.

The products I’ve linked to above contain all of those.

Another tip would be to take some of the essential fatty acid oil and use it internally to feed the skin there. Or, use sea buckthorn oil – studies have shown that this oil, rich in omega 7 is helpful to feed the mucous membranes of the body – and that includes the vaginal membranes which thin as oestrogen levels drop.

If you need a regular moisturiser or lubricant in the meantime, check the Yes! range of more natural alternatives to the normal chemical-laden stuff.

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