Leaky Gut Not Healing? Look At Stress

We know that one of the main reasons people are slow to heal wounds, including a leaky gut, is consistent emotional stress. We think of correcting nutrient deficiencies, a need for glutamine to feed the cells, identifying and avoiding the foods that trigger problems (often gluten and the cross-reactive foods) and a lack of zonulin which helps to cement the tight junctions together. But we must also consider stress – sometimes first.

I am a great believer in this because I have seen it in my own case and many of yours. In fact, I only managed to get foods back in from a very restricted diet after I addressed emotional stress. You can see what I did in my Healing Plan here. The fact that I got the foods back in suggested that, at last, my leaky gut had healed. Then along came several stressors in quick succession and I suddenly lost some of the foods I’d gained – the stress had made my gut leaky again. So, I’m back following my own healing plan!

One of the stressors I regularly come across that I am pretty certain is causing a person’s healing to be slow – and indeed possibly causing the leaky gut in the first place is, sadly, arguing with your life partner or someone else close to you. I’m pretty sure it is the constancy of the bickering; the never-endingness of it. No let up means no chance to heal.

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I admit that, more than once, I have advised someone, very gently, to really think about who they are spending most of their time with and consider about whether that is doing them any good or not. Can they get out of the situation or change it in some way? Can they protect themselves from it by changing their attitude to that other person, have some hypnotherapy or whatever to change the way their subconscious is perceiving the situation? So often, the situation itself can’t be changed, but we are totally in charge of the way we respond to it – and there is plenty of help out there to help you change that response if you ask for it. I have done it myself a few times – and it’s like a huge weight is lifted off you, I promise.

Anyway, I saw this post in WDDTY e-news today which suggests I am right about the partner thing at least:

Flare-ups with your partner can trigger a leaky gut

The moral of the story is: please take some action to lower any stress if you want to heal. Take some steps to calm your whole stress response system down using the Healing Plan, think about the main, consistent stressors in your life and start to change the situations or how you respond to them, getting help from therapists as you need to. There is no shame in that; it’s a really smart move, and not enough people get the help that can change such a huge stress in, usually, a couple of sessions. Try it.


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