Everything in Moderation…

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Photo by Leigh Patrick on Pexels.com

Yet again, we have had misleading headlines in the last few weeks, this time suggesting that a low carb diet is bad for you. Is it? Really?

Of course not. The researchers also found that a high carb diet was bad for you.  As was the wrong protein. Confusing, huh! All of those conclusions were based on questionnaires, notoriously unreliable and, in fact, what the researchers found – unsurprisingly – was that the type of carbs you eat makes all the difference.

The nugget people need to know is:

If you eat good carbs in moderation, carbs are good for you. If, like many, many people, you eat refined carbs and sugary stuff in the kind of quantities that are causing our obesity and diabetes epidemics, then yes: carbs are going to shorten your life. 

Everything in moderation and get your carbs and proteins from good sources like veg, fruit, fish, nuts and seeds. It’s not rocket science, is it, but these headlines are doing a lot to confuse people who could really could do with knowing the truth?

If you are obese or have diabetes, a moderate carb, good quality protein diet like my Belly Fat one could lengthen your life rather than shorten it! OK, I’ve said my piece 😉


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