How Am I Doing Now?

Someone asked me this yesterday and I suddenly realised I hadn’t updated you since the start of the year (here: What Happened in 2017?). Doesn’t time fly! So, here is an update for you so you can see where I’m up to if you are following my healing story.

The foods…

Food-wise, if you remember, I had become sensitive again and had to cut out many of my regained foods after a series of stressful events had made my gut leaky again. It is now about 10 months since that and I’d like to say I have got them back, but I haven’t fully yet. I confess I’ve not done a lot of my own healing work – basically because apart from the food issue, I feel so well and have just been enjoying life and not thinking about the food stuff that much – naughty Micki 😉 Plus, it does take a minimum of six months to heal a severely leaky gut, which mine must have been after all that ibuprofen – and that timing is for people who can take stuff to help it heal. However, impatient as usual…

I am more or less back to the old me me: loads of energy and I feel well most of the time. The mouth and TMJ pain disappeared completely and my mouth actually almost fully healed for the first time in over a decade. My migraines still happen with my monthly cycle but now I know when it is coming as it is most often on day 3 of a period, that feeling of never quite knowing when one will hit has thankfully gone. That can really rule your life too, so makes a huge difference! They are still at about a 3 level (an occasional 6 out of 10) and the last three or four I have managed to continue my day as normal despite it – and with no medication. I am convinced that is to do with lack of magnesium and B6 mostly but I still can’t tolerate enough of that to pick it up. I know this because they stopped completely when my diet had expanded.

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Over the past few weeks, I have started trying stuff again. I definitely notice the TMJ/jaw tweaking and sores in my mouth or a migraine when something doesn’t like me. But, I have managed to get a coffee a couple of times a week – which means morning coffee at the beach bar in the sunshine before work now, which is such a treat again. I tried a glass of wine (yes, I am going for treats, why not?!) and a migraine ensued so that is out for now.

As many of you know, my biggest issue has been intolerance to water – even reverse osmosis water at times, which was very scary! A couple of weeks ago, I accidentally drank Minnie-cat’s glass of tap water which she has to have on my bedside table (don’t ask..). Thank goodness she hadn’t had any and I put it fresh out every night for her, otherwise I would be worrying about all manner of cat diseases and not just the ruddy tap water! Anyway, I gulped it down and suddenly realised. Last time I even put a drop of tap water in my mouth, I cannot describe the pain I was in and my mouth locked shut!

To say I was a bit anxious is an understatement.

I WHEE’d (TWR’d) for those of you who have read the Healing Plan like mad and told myself all was fine, I was going to be fine, reactions like that were in the past, thanked the Universe for sending me this test to show I was OK, yada, yada, yada, and waited.

Nothing happened. No reaction AT ALL. I was cock-a hoop 🙂

I’ve not repeated it yet, but I take that as a very good sign. As I do that I have so far this year had no hayfever at all – for the first time since my teens.

So, what have I been doing healthwise to help me progress?

I have continued with the craniosacral therapy and am now spacing out treatments roughly monthly. I have no idea how it works precisely, but my body knows when it is ready for another one! All I can say is I find it strengthening and that it is somehow balancing my body and making it feel whole again. My therapist now says she can feel my head is connected and my energy systems are all strong and communicating with each other, and that is indeed how I feel.

apothecary, chemist, crush I have started seeing a homeopath. The reason I first contacted her was for help with offsetting mercury until I can have my fillings removed, of which I have many. I thought that my mouth was refusing to heal because of possible mercury infiltration from my fillings. I had my hair tested, which is one of the best ways to test mercury, and, as suspected, it was high, as was aluminium – and all my beneficial minerals were very low. In fact, the practitioner specialist I showed them to was quite amazed how I was even standing up with a picture like that – and I say that is testament to to healing plan stuff. True mind over matter!

Anyway, I have written about mercury testing here for you as the result of my investigations for what I might need to do:

Mercury Testing

That developed into a whole deep-dive into detox mechanisms as I thought about how the body can cope with toxins like mercury and what I could do to lower my levels whilst still being exposed to it. I wrote about that whole fascinating area here:



I tested my glutathione and COMT genes as part of the fantastically-useful myDNA test. Both problematic, which means I am not a good detoxifier and my systems are genetically pre-programmed to get overwhelmed easily. Explains a lot. And the full LGx Detox Gene test is currently sitting on my desk ready for me to do tomorrow. I think I need to see precisely what detox mechanisms I need to focus treatment on to lower the sensitivity levels of my body generally. Once you know that, it is easier to focus treatment on improving the various pathways. For example: now I know my glutathione genes are absent, I can focus on how to get more glutathione from food and supplements to bolster what I can make myself. Same goes for sulphation pathways – how do you better break down sulphites if your sulphation pathway is a bit awry?

In the fridge I have some of Dr Shade’s remedies, which I wrote about in the Detox factsheet above for you. I am working on a hypersensitivity protocol using sea minerals and liposomal DIM and GABA/Theanine to start with. This is a prelude of me getting the glutathione in.  Neither Christine nor I have been able to get much TGF-safety info (grain and dairy free) out of the company sadly as they only offer practitioner support in the US – despite it being sold in Europe, which strikes me as pretty off, so I have no option but to try them, as usual, on myself! Since I am pretty hypersensitive to grains and dairy, if I am OK, most people should be! Wish me luck!

Anyway, back to the homeopathy! As it turned out, before I saw the homeopath, my mouth suddenly started to get better on its own. One day, I decided to stop washing my toothbrush out in tap water in case and to stop using anything but occasional bicarb of soda to brush my teeth with. Up until then, I had been using teatree oil. I wondered if I was affecting my oral microbiome by using such a powerful antibacterial – which I had begun years ago because of the mouth ‘infection.’ Anyway, both or one of those did the trick and my mouth – until recently when starting to trial foods again – has been about 90% better. What a relief, I can tell you! I can eat without pain for a start.

So, my homeopath switched to treating me constitutionally. I am a trained complex homeopath (a homotoxicologist who uses complex rather than single remedies), so constitutional treatment was new to me as a patient. Fascinating stuff! I shan’t bore you with all the details but I have had two remedies so far in the 1LM potency, which is often used for hypersensitives.

The first, pulsatilla, repeated once a week for 3 weeks, resulted in some magnificent – and pretty scary – mood swings and depressive episodes BUT also completely lifted all fear and remnants of agoraphobia from me pretty much overnight. I am now happily pootling about in my car, driving across bridges, doing steep hill starts, going shopping, have joined two choirs and a quilting group. Getting myself back out into the world and loving it. I note pulsatilla is often used for grief and sadness so that fits in with a lot of my trauma story, doesn’t it? It clearly brought some stuff up for clearance.

My second remedy I have only had once so far and am due a second dose. That is Nat Carb 1LM. Within 20 minutes of taking the first dose, my TMJ jaw pain came up quite sharply and went down again, thankfully, with 2 hours. My mouth and jaw have been more problematic since then so I am due to take another dose in the next day or so to continue that work! Again, some luck needed there, please!!

Qi Gong and Yoga

Physical body-wise, I have been very remiss at doing my Qi Gong, so I joined an online class system, which I wrote about here. This gives me some new meditations, Qi Gong, Yoga Nidra and Yoga classes to do several times a week. I am still building those up.

DIY Self-hypnosis

Meditation-wise, I wrote my own self-hypnosis session and got Philip to voice it for me. Some of you have kindly listened to it too for me in case I decide to make it available for you all too. The feedback was good but I’ve run out of time recently to take that further yet so I’ll get back to that. It is a mix of yoga nidra and hypnotherapy really; a combination of the types of methods I found worked best for me anyway. I am doing it regularly, mainly on food sensitivity, and I’ll let you know how that one goes and share it if you would like.

To summarise...

beach, dark, dawn

I feel like a normal person who can’t eat things properly yet! I feel strong, confident, physically and mentally energetic, building a life more important than this illness. That is SO much better than the constantly-fatigued, in pain, very restricted, sad, ruled-by-fear, defined-by-illness woman of the last decade, I can tell you.

I’d call that progress 🙂 How are you doing?


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