Chronic Pain: Better For Tai Chi and Alcohol

Two interesting snippets if you are a chronic pain sufferer today.

First, a study suggesting a once or twice weekly session of Tai Chi can really be beneficial:

Fibromyalgia sufferers go ga-ga for tai chi

I have personally found that my FM-type pain is better for doing Qi Gong, so I can vouch for this. Qi Gong is part of Tai Chi as far as I understand it. I reckon it helps because it is lowering anxiety and muscle tension with the breathing and slow meditative movements. I should really do it daily and am trying to get into a better practice.

In fact, with that in mind, I am just about to sign up for a trial of Movement For Modern Life, which I saw recommended in a couple of summaries of online fitness classes. I thought it was just Yoga to start with, but they have recorded videos of my favourite Yoga Nidra, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Meditation and all sorts of Yoga, including a Beginners section and some called Yin, which are very gentle for poorly people just trying to get a bit of movement.

My go-to Qi Gong and mind-body stuff is actually on the shop as a resource for you. I love these. However, I have been doing them for yonks now and fancy some new resources; I’ll see what this is like and report back, of course!

Second, a study suggesting people who drink moderately (women no more than 7 drinks a week, men no more than 14) have less chronic pain.

Moderate Alcohol Consumption Is Associated with Reduced Pain and Fibromyalgia Symptoms in Chronic Pain Patients

Now again, we shouldn’t really be surprised by that; it’s quite obvious that alcohol tends to lower anxiety and muscle tension and therefore help pain. Again, it’s a subject actually I have been thinking about recently. I realised that many people I know use alcohol as a kind of tranquilliser in lieu maybe of taking an anti-anxiety pill. I realised I used to do the same when I could drink. I was never a big drinker as my liver couldn’t seem to tolerate it much, but certainly in social situations it oiled the wheels a little, if you know what I mean.

I have found since I have gone through all the trauma treatment and have stopped ‘using’ alcohol in that way that I do feel more anxious in certain situations. That anxiety then affects my gut and off we go with not healing as well as I might. I have been wondering, actually, if I should prioritise a little alcohol going back in so that I can both join in with social situations a bit more, but also to lower the anxiety levels.

Sure, there are other ways to do it, but having a drink used to be a joy in my life and one I would quite like back if I can! I’ll maybe work on it! Bit of liver and detox work to do first, but I would quite like to be sitting on my balcony this Summer with a glass of something chilled and fizzy again – I had it back a few months ago, so I know I can do it again. I may have gone a tad mad with it in excitement last time so moderation will be key this time, as per the study!

Hope that helps. Re chronic pain, don’t forget to read my Central Sensitivity Syndrome factsheet here either.


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