Hypnotherapy For Hayfever

As well as homeopathy being good for hayfever (see my latest post on this here), studies have shown that hypnotherapy can reduce the allergic symptoms too.

Belleruth from Health Journeys recently wrote about this in one of her Q&A sessions:

It has been shown in numerous studies that hypnosis can reduce and sometimes even prevent an allergic reaction – sometimes even a severe, anaphylactic one – in a significant percentage of people. …

One of the better known studies…was by Drs. Ikemi and Nakagawa at Yokohama City University School of Medicine in Japan, which showed that 84% of their subjects had none of the usual histamine responses to poison ivy (itching, swelling, redness, blisters) when, under hypnosis, they were given to believe they were being touched by a harmless plant; and the reverse was also in play: a large percentage of subjects broke out into a blistery rash when told, under hypnosis, that the harmless plant touching their skin was poison ivy.

So the odds are pretty good that it can be a help at remediating at least some of the severity or duration of an allergic reaction.

They have done a hypnotherapy download to help with this called Relieve Allergy, Reduce Reactivity. You can click on the link and listen to a sample. I downloaded it myself to see if it would help with reactivity generally and I think it is quite targeted at helping rashes, rhinitis, swelling, itchiness etc so would help with those sort of things I would imagine, rather than pain, gut or other reaction types.

Have a go. I see they are planning one on TMJ soon – I might get that one for my jaw, although it has been OK now for a good few weeks apart from a few tweaks here or there when I have been trying things – fingers crossed I won’t need it!

Let us know how you get on! Good luck. (I don’t make any money out of these by the way; I share them because I think they are good :))

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