Allergy, Multiple Sensitivity? Get The New Barrier Plan

Question: I feel ill all the time, keep getting this recurring problem, yet my tests all come back negative. What is going on?

Question: I have tons of food allergies/intolerances/sensitivities/a leaky gut/gluten illness/can’t eat this, that or the other. What do I do?

Do these sound like you?

I get asked these questions too rather a lot. So, I have written an Allergy and Intolerance Plan to help you. It will help if you suffer from any of the following:

  • Food Intolerance
  • Gluten Sensitivity
  • You’re coeliac and aren’t healing
  • Environmental and Chemical Sensitivity
  • Multiple sensitivity
  • You’re not sure if your chronic symptoms are related to sensitivity and want to find out
  • You’re sure your symptoms are related to certain food or environmental substances but don’t know which or how many there are
  • You want to become less reactive and stop more sensitivities developing
  • Inflammatory conditions
  • Auto-immune conditions

It is NOT for you if you suffer from:

  •  Anaphylaxis
  • Breathing difficulties, tingling or swelling of your lips, mouth or throat.

 The Barrier Plan: Overview

Over the years, I have dealt with thousands of allergy and intolerance patients, and have suffered from severe sensitivities myself. I have spent years researching the causes, the reasons why people struggle to overcome them and go on to develop more and more: the so-called ‘allergic march’.

This Plan is unique and designed to dampen down sensitivity reactions, repair the leaky gut and other body barriers and give you a fighting chance of stopping the process. It is a self-help plan based on my experience of what works for most people. There are no guarantees, of course; we are all unique.

 The Top Ten Allergy Aims

Let’s start by setting out our allergy aims, if you like. By doing the Barrier Plan, you will be able to:

  • Learn the difference between allergy and intolerance, then discover if you have either or both
  • Find out how to test effectively for allergies and intolerances and access the tests you need
  • Check for any digestive or absorption problems, then correct them if necessary
  • Discover how to test reliably for coeliac disease or other gluten related illness, and follow a truly gluten free lifestyle rather than the traditional gliadin-free, if needed
  • Confirm barrier breakdown, the main cause of allergy and auto-immunity, and understand and address the main factors that cause it
  • Follow a unique diet Plan designed to stop the barrier breakdown and help them re-heal
  • Speed the process of healing, re-nourish yourself, lower inflammation and reduce current or future risk of auto-immunity with the Barrier protocol
  • Monitor your progress effectively
  • Identify and correct the top additional conditions that could be hampering your healing process
  • Lower your current sensitivities, cross-reactions and stop any more developing
  • Get access to all the resources, tests and supplements you need to achieve success

Click the image to continue reading about the Barrier Plan contents and how to download it.

And did I mention this one is free too? Stark raving bonkers. I must be. There is also a brand new website with a FAQ, Resources and Support Forum for you as this is pretty complex stuff, as you can imagine.

Click the image and find out more. I hope it helps you; has taken me almost 18 months to research and write. Phew.

Hang on again. You’re coeliac or have some kind of problem with gluten? Flippin’ ‘eck.

Oh , alright then. You actually need the same Barrier Plan but I have done a special section and website for you too. See next…

3 Replies to “Allergy, Multiple Sensitivity? Get The New Barrier Plan”

  1. I have CELIACS and now have a high histamine problem, would this way of eating benefit me? In any way?

    1. Hi Katri, The Gluten Plan (the update of the Barrier Plan) is not so much a diet as a whole protocol for testing and treatment of gluten related disorders. I learned in the Barrier Plan that no one diet fits all so there are tons of resources in there now diet-wise instead. Certainly there is much in there to help you although you will always need to find the right diet for you. If you get it and don’t benefit from it, I will always refund. Never had to yet, but the offer is there if there is nothing in it to help you!

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