New TGF Safe Vegan Corn-Free Histamine-Degrading DAO Supplement At Last!

Yay, we have been begging suppliers for a DAO enzyme supplement that doesn’t contain the usual rice flour filler and Vitamin C derived from corn. SO frustrating they put corn into a supplement needed so much by sensitive people!

Anyway, now we have found a vegan source. Made from legumes, so no good if you’re sensitive to those or it kicks off a sulphur reaction, but great for most. I’ve added the update below in the DAO section of the Histamine Factsheet where we discuss how to break down excess histamine. For many histameanies, it is simply a case of low DAO production that needs supporting.

One good clue, actually, is that you became less sensitive when you were pregnant (women-only obvs!), because you make tons more DAO then. Mums with food sensitivity often say that to me!

Update: we have found NaturDAO 1,000,000 HDU and the even-stronger NaturDAO 3,000,000 HDU. These contain a vegan source of DAO, sourced from organic peas and lentils. TGF people have so far been fine with it, yay.

You can get the full Histamine Factsheet here.

If you want to test your DAO levels, see here, and you can read much more about that test here.

Hope that helps 🙂

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