New Leaky Gut Test with Histamine and DAO

I have often said that leaky gut should be assumed if you have a chronic disease, and treat anyway. This quote bears me out…

Intestinal permeability has been suggested as a root cause of autoimmune diseases, systemic inflammation, and food sensitivities. Healing the gut barrier is so pivotal for resolving chronic disease that if it isn’t addressed, other treatments will have little to no effect.

Precision Point Diagnostics

However, sometimes it helps to know what the mechanism of the leakiness is, if you see what I mean. This is why I have often done the Cyrex 2 because it includes LPS – lipopolysaccharides – which tell me there is likely a gram-negative bacterial infection going on if they are present. The reason they are on a leaky gut test is because they are bacterial endotoxins that should remain in the gut. If we find antibodies to them, they’ve gone through the gut lining, into the system and the immune system is involved. Ergo: evidence of leaky gut.

I’ve recently swapped my recommendation for leaky gut testing to the new Advanced Intestinal Barrier Assessment from Precision Point Diagnostics.


Well, it has several of the markers I would look for all in one test, so makes life easier – and more accurate. I like it because it measures the zonulin and LPS from the Cyrex 2, but it also includes DAO and Histamine. Most people with a leaky gut will likely have food sensitivities too, so it can be really useful to see if they have high histamine and low DAO contributing to the problem. I often do that testing as well as leaky gut, so it’s nice to have them all in one for a change!

You can see more info, a sample report and test instructions here.

One caveat I always give is that there are several mechanisms for leaky gut and we just don’t know them, or can’t test for them all. I ignored the likelihood of a leaky gut in my own case for years because a test came up negative – doh! Lesson learned. I try to find it. I try to find the cause of it. If I can’t, I treat anyway! Testing just cuts out a lot of the guesswork if you can find a positive. You’re more likely to on this new test, which is why I have swapped to it.

See my Gut Testing factsheet for more here.

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