Vitamin C and Covid

There seems to be more and more evidence stacking up that we should take enough Vitamin C at the start of any symptoms and that Vitamin C early on in acute cases can help enormously.

The Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Expert Group (FLCCC), a group of emergency medicine experts, have reported that, with the combined use of 6 g/day intravenous vitamin C (1.5 g every 6 h), plus steroids and anticoagulants, mortality was 5% in two ICUs in the US (United Memorial Hospital in Houston, Texas, and Norfolk General Hospital in Norfolk, Virginia), the lowest mortality rates in their respective counties .

I have been following Patrick Holford’s Vitamin C for Covid campaign for some time now. He makes a very powerful argument for it, I have to say, as do many of the frontline experts using it.

In Wuhan, for example, they used a combination of heparin (an anticoagulant), Vitamin C, given intravenously and steroids with great success. Every frontline worker was given Vitamin C to take, too.

The evidence to date indicates that oral vitamin C (2-8g/d) may reduce incidence and duration of respiratory infections and intravenous vitamin C (2-24g/d) has been shown to reduce mortality, Intensive Care Unit and hospital stays, time on mechanical ventilation in severe respiratory infections. Further trials are urgently warranted.

Patrick Holford, The Science

The general advice is:

If you start cold-like symptoms eg: headache, runny nose, sore throat, sneezing (what the Zoe app has been saying for ages are the most prevalent symptoms of the now-dominant Delta variant – NOT what is given on the Govt websites, note) take 2g of Vitamin C (preferably buffered so it won’t upset your tummy, and then 1g every hour until symptoms subside.

Make sure you have plenty in would be my advice. This one is TGF-safe (grain and dairy free), or you can take a non TGF powder.

Check out the Vitamin C for Covid film here:

The FAQ here, which gives more tips on dosages etc:

And review the myths about Vitamin C and Covid here:

And please sign the petition whilst you’re there, thank you.

I’ll pop a link to this post in the Covid Factsheet for you too.

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