Low Histamine Grass Fed Beef Box

One of you (thanks P) let me know that there is a new grass-fed beef box available from Green Pasture Farms. It looks like they have done their best to make contents as low histamine as they can. Excellent idea.

Christine looked at it carefully for us. She says:

“It’s very good in that they don’t hang it at all, but they are including diced beef, which has more chance of getting histamine on due to having more exposed sides, and they include a roasting joint which will probably take a long while to cook; the slower something is cooked, the more histamine, but otherwise it looks good. Nice to see histamine being recognised!”


She also added some tips. Dhe has lamb and this is what she recommends to make it lower histamine.

“People will need to realise that the meat won’t be tender if it hasn’t been hung and the problem is slow cooking it will increase histamine. I buy lamb steaks which haven’t been hung and then just before I use them, I mince them in a food processor, then immediately put it in saucepan of water and boil it. I find it is easier to chew and easier on the teeth then.

Obviously to buy ready minced lamb would be extremely high in histamine, so I mince it myself at the last minute and cook straight away. I take the steaks out of the freezer in the packet and put the packet in water for about 15 – 20 minutes (change water halfway) so they are still partially frozen (the time would depend on the thickness and how many packs, how much water, room and water temperature etc), but mine are only defrosted enough for me to cut them. I have a really good sharp knife and some brilliant strong kitchen scissors (which I keep just for meat and put in dishwasher) just to cut them in cubes and put in the food processor (need one which can handle frozen meat).”

Hope that helps. For more on Histamine, see the Factsheet here.

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