Quick Memory Test

Today, here’s a quick test you can do to check how your memory is performing.

Look at these words for about 10 seconds:

Then, go and do something else for 2 minutes – read this blog post, for example, which is relevant. After 2 minutes, write down all the words you can recall from the image.

How many did you get?

I got five. Oops. But then I did have 2 hours’ sleep last night – a combo of P’s snoring (this is new and I must do something about it!!), hormone changes and too much coffee! That said, I have taken note! Those of us on a restricted diet are always more vulnerable to faster aging because nutrient levels are inevitably low due to lack of food and malabsorption.

Five or fewer could be a sign you need some cognitive support. People will say: ‘Oh, that’s just getting older, it’s normal.’ But common does not mean normal. It’s not normal. It’s cognitive decline. And we seem to just accept it.

Don’t worry, there’s plenty you can do. Start by doing a more comprehensive cognitive test here from Food For The Brain. Follow the info and suggestions in the blog post I linked to earlier and consider one of those multis, which will work on mild issues and as a preventative.

Most supplements don’t contain enough to really make a significant difference if a process has already started in earnest – they’re great for prevention and mild issues, but you need to take enough to really stop and reverse the process. In that case, look instead at something like Vital Nutrients’ Brain Powder, which is a really good combo of the three main nutrients needed and at high enough levels. Easy to take as a powder. I have had some patients use this for a month or two, then drop the dosage down or swap to a preventative multi.

Hope that helps.

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