Kidney Problems? Look To Your Skin

I don’t often come across much about kidney health and I always felt we didn’t do enough on this important organ during training. So, I was pleased to see a special edition of the Townsend Newsletter recently on kidney and liver health.

One of the articles that stood out for me was encouraging people to ensure skin detoxification is as effective as possible to relieve pressure from the kidneys. Great idea, and makes a lot of sense.

Kidney disease affects about 30% of those with diabetes, and roughly 20% of those with high blood pressure.

Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure, and over time, kidney disease can increase risk of other illnesses, such as heart attacks and strokes.

Townsend Newsletter

You see the need for taking the pressure off the kidneys!

Have a read of this article, which discusses the pros and cons of various skin detox methods, including baths, showers, skinbrushing, saunas etc, and which is best for kidney health. Take note especially if you have diabetes or cardio problems in your family history.

Kidney Skin Detox

…skin detoxification is an especially useful approach for kidney patients or anyone interested in maintaining good kidney health. Rather than look to diuretics, which push the kidneys to work harder, skin detoxification helps reduce the stress on the kidneys.

Dr Jenner Henderson

Hope that’s useful. Please share with other family members who should be doing it!

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