Updated TGF Master List Now Out!

Christine and I have worked really hard recently on this free – FREE!!! – grain and dairy free supplements/meds etc master list. I think this is the biggest update we’ve done for a year.

It’s our gift to the sensitives among us.

This time, we’ve added:

  • Loads of new TGF safe and NOT TGF safe supplements
  • Some new TGF safe medicines, including LDN, anti-histamines and mast cell stabilisers, plus info on Covid meds
  • Some compounding pharmacies and how to use them
  • Template emails so you can query suppliers yourselves effectively
  • An Ask Micki option if you need help finding safe supplements (it says Micki, but Christine does the research!)

So, download it for free here. All we ask is that you use the supplier links and codes to trigger a bit of pay-back for us if purchasing supplements – and you can buy us a coffee if you want to say thank you here.

Hope it helps! I would say I’m off for a lie down but I’ve got a waiting list now of Ask Mickis and Case Reviews to do…!

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