Soap Nut Shampoo

Someone was asking me about a scalp problem the other day and asked if I could recommend a safe, non-toxic shampoo for them. I recommended this one, and they loved it. It’s from Akamuti, who we have listed under TGF safe (no grain or dairy) non-toxic products here.

Aritha powder is ground soap nuts basically; it’s also known as Reetha Powder. It comes from the  Sapindus laurifolia tree.

The soap nuts or pods are high in saponins and are traditionally used in India as a shampoo, although they have lots of other uses. It is mainly used in Ayurvedic medicine as a hair and skin cleanser.

Make a paste with some warm water and massage it into your hair. It won’t make much of a lather, which feels odd at first, but your hair does feel very clean. Totally non-toxic, won’t strip and is good for your scalp. Might be worth a go if you have eg. scalp psoriasis.

You can also use this paste as a cleanser or face mask, especially for oily or spotty skin. And, some people also say it is great as a household cleaner and washing powder for delicates as it absorbs odours, but I’ve not tried that.

If you try it, let me know how you get on. Here’s to calmer scalps and glossy, bouncy hair!

I personally use Akamuti products. I have just started using their Rosehip Oil actually as a way of getting extra Vitamin C onto my skin (the dreaded age spots have started!) and into my system. It is very orange so I have called it my Trump oil, and only use it at in the evening to allow it time to sink in. It’s great. Really great for sun-damaged skin, any skin that needs a bit of TLC/repair or is starting to get too wrinkly for your liking!

Check out Akamuti here if you’ve not done so already, some lovely stuff!

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