Could Your Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Fibromyalgia, Anxiety etc Be From A Brain Incident Years Ago?

When I did my neuroinflammation course last year, I learned something. It never occurred to me that if a patient is not getting well, no matter every intervention I and others tried, that it might be the result of a brain injury years before causing ongoing inflammation throughout the nervous system.

I started regularly asking people: did you get knocked out at any time, even if just for a few seconds? I was amazed how many people said yes. In fact, two of the last email ‘stories’ I heard, which made me realise they were triggering me was about that very subject. I had two emails back to back: one where a woman had been pushed down the stairs by an abusive husband and another by a woman who was hit over the head by her mother with the phone book – which back in the 70s was a HUGE thing.

How bloody awful. I felt for them.

With my clinical hat on, though, I reckoned both their cases (chronic fatigue, chronic headaches and fibromyalgia) were at least partly related to those incidents. They had caused a brain injury and probably an inflammatory immune reaction ever since. The symptoms take years to show up, but that was probably half the cause.

Do you recognise this…?

You have depression, fatigue, and probably pain of some kind. Lighting is too bright. You can’t handle loud noises, crowds or strong smells.  You scare easily… you cry or lose your temper more quickly than you used to. You stay home at weekends with the curtains drawn just so you can function come Monday.  You had a brain injury or lost consciousness, even momentarily, in the past. Your brain incident happened years ago; your doctor told you all was fine. But you’re not fine. 

You may have already tried antidepressants or protocols for adrenal fatigue, leaky gut, heavy metals, parasites — you name it … … nothing seems to really help. Why? 

Because inflammation from your brain injury is crawling through your brain like a slow-moving forest fire, chewing up brain tissue along the way. 

Not a nice image, is it?

Happily, there is plenty you can do about it if you suspect this. You can’t really test for it. Have a read of my Brain Factsheet – about half way down about NI (neuroinflammation) and I’ve put a starter protocol there for you to start bringing that inflammation down. It can be done 🙂

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