New Gut Test Results Interpretation Video & Factsheet

What do you do with all those lovely – but scary – pages of data when you get your Doctors Data GI360 or other gut test results back? Don’t panic!

I have created a new results interpretation video for you – and because I got carried away with what was supposed to be a 1 page crib sheet – there is also a new 25 page Gut Test Guide Factsheet for you too.

So, if you want to know what might be causing your food intolerance or IBS issues, if you have an infection going on and want to know why you are not able to fight it off very well – amongst many other nuggets you can glean from your test results – watch the video and download the factsheet.

I’ve also included loads of treatment tips and advice so you can not only see what the data means, but also what you might start doing about anything that does crop up.

Important: Of course, you must always discuss your results with your chosen practitioners as they have your case and can interpret them in context, but these resources will give you a start.

And here’ s the Gut Test Guide Factsheet

See here for advice and to purchase gut tests.

I hope they help x

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