Covid Guidance Document Updates

Just to let you know I have started updating the Purehealth COVID Guidance document again for you. I’ve had a good scan through it and much of it still holds true for the advice I gave up until July. I’ve done lots of blog posts since, which you can find here too: (or just put ‘Covid’ in the search box and they’ll all come up.

In the guidance document, you will find my thoughts on how to strengthen your immunity, for prevention and treatment. I’ve included protocol ideas for adults, children, and long Covid sufferers.

Do have another gander if you’ve not looked at it for a while. The point about this all is to make us less likely to get it, to lessen severity if we do and to avoid long-term issues. It’s all very well relying on meds and vaccines etc, but who is talking about ‘levelling up’ the health of the nation so we become less vulnerable? Not enough people in my view.

As they say: it’s all about the terrain, not the germ. If you make the terrain less hospitable to germs, that’s your best line of defence, whatever may come along and try it on.

I hope it helps x

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