Keep Calm & Boost Your Immunity 2: Meditation for Anxiety


One thing we do know about all this coronavirus stuff is that stress and anxiety suppresses immunity. So, by encouraging a calm, healing state, we are much less likely to succumb to infections or get them as severely. With that in mind, following on from Deepak’s meditation on the subject here, I thought it might be useful if I did a series of calming/immune-boosting practical stuff for you to do regularly over the coming days/weeks to help. Not least because if we’re doing something, we feel less like a victim or a sitting duck!

So, start with Deepak’s calming and wise words here and do his meditation to start to convince your body that your immunity is strong; that you will not get it, you will not spread it.

Then, try this Insight meditation here if you are feeling anxious (and who isn’t with all the constant media headlines?!). It follows the very useful ROAR method. I find the first bit of that – recognise and name the emotion – is almost enough on its own to calm your sympathetic nervous system down. I say: ‘ah, this is anxiety!’ or ‘Ah, this is fear!’ all the time to myself (like some daft woman muttering away to myself!) Somehow by acknowledging it helps to release it. Have a go…

Releasing Coronavirus Anxiety

by Giovanni Dienstmann

I hope that helps. This is precisely where the steps in my Healing Plan book will come in extremely useful too so get that if you haven’t already!

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