Gut Tips #1: Three Approaches to Multiple Food Sensitivity

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I am currently doing a lecture series with the renowned Dr Datis Kharrazian and am working through his Gut Course over the next couple of weeks to refresh myself – it has reminded me that I really am quite obsessed with bowels 😉

I thought it might be nice if I picked out one useful bit of info each lecture if I can and shared it with you. So, here’s number 1:

Did you know that multiple food sensitivities can be approached in several different ways?

The first place to look is a leaky gut. So far, so simple. Find it, heal it.

However, many people don’t have a leaky gut to explain their sensitivity. If that’s the case, you look from an immunological point of view – what are the dendritic cells, SIgA, T reg cells up to? You need SIgA to engulf the food antigen to prevent the dendritic cells having to sample it. If you don’t have enough SIgA, the dendritic cells can become overactive and compensate, hence you start reacting to tons more stuff.

Or, do you not have enough T regulatory cells in place? A low butyrate score on a test result could suggest that. You would start by doing something like a the DD CSAP3 and then work to solve whatever comes up.

If it’s not immunological, you look from a brain-axis point of view – is it a vagus nerve problem where the glial cells in the gut and brain are setting each other off? People don’t realise that the gut and brain constantly communicate with each other. If one area is inflamed in some way, it will affect the other. This can lead to dysautonomic sorts of issues where a person is sympathetic dominant – reactive all the time in lots of different ways (startle easy anyone?). This then needs to be approached completely differently and is where stuff like the Healing Plan is a better approach to re-establish parasympathetic and vagal tone.

Of course, you could have all three, and more, going on; they are not mutually-exclusive, but that does give you at least three approaches to go at it from!

I hope that is interesting and helps. Tip #2 soon….

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