Gut Tips #3: What’s Causing Your Bloating?

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Here’s #3 in the Gut Tips series for you. Here’s #1 and #2 for you if you missed them. Working out what is behind your bloating can give you a good idea of how to treat it. This is how I always think of it:

If you have trouble after eating protein/meat-rich meals, you likely need extra stomach acid. See here for the factsheet on that. HCL-related bloating tends to happen quickly after a meal: within 15-20 minutes. Consider an HCL supplement. There are specific ways to work out how much to take, so do read the factsheet for more on that.

If your problem happens after carb or starch-rich meals, it’s more likely that you need a digestive enzyme boost. This tends to happen about two hours after a meal so the timing may be a clue. Again, read the Acid & Enzymes factsheet and consider a broad-spectrum enzyme supplement. 

How do you feel after a fatty meal? If you’re queasy or burpy, maybe you need extra lipase enzyme to break down fats, or need to give your gallbladder some attention? You can get lipase in the enzyme product as above. For your gallbladder, consider an Artichoke supplement. For more severe cases, it is a lot more complex than that and Ox Bile may be needed. Be led by your health practitioner on that.

If you’re thinking: “I bloat after every flippin’ meal!“, then consider SIBO as an issue. Maybe you are just fermenting any food that comes your small intestine’s way? Check the SIBO factsheet here.

If SIBO comes back negative and you are still bloating after lots of different types of meal, consider loss of food tolerance. See my blog posts on that here. I’m also writing a new factsheet on that shortly – it keeps growing!

If you feel really full and bloated even though you’ve only had a small meal ie. the bloating feels out of proportion to the amount you ate, it could be to do with poor vagus nerve tone and gut-brain axis communication gone awry. You would start here by doing some of the meditation techniques in the Healing Plan and from the Mind-Body Medicine section to calm the central nervous system. The aim is to stop the sympathetic dominance causing the gut to be over-sensitive.

I hope that little run-down helps you. Onward with my Gut Mechanisms course… Meantime, I’ve added this info to the IBS factsheet here where there is tons more info for you.



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