Gut Tips #2: Don’t Forget Low Stomach Acid or the Gallbladder

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As promised, here is tip number 2 in my Gut Tips series as I go through my Kharrazian course on Gut Mechanisms.

Don’t Forget Low Stomach Acid or the Gallbladder

I have always gone on about the importance of low stomach acid. I think I first wrote about it over 20 years ago now. I was reminded here that low stomach acid has to be fixed before anything else to do with the gut will heal or regulate. A good reminder. The trick is to find a way to improve the stomach acid and pH so all the later gut mechanisms get triggered and work properly. It’s number 1 priority.

The second good reminder is how important the gallbladder is to whole gut function. I learned here that it is not just about producing bile salts to digest fats and fat-soluble vitamins, although that is important. It has been found relatively recently to be a type of ‘signaller’ too and has an effect on a huge number of systems and mechanisms, not just in the gut, but body-wide. One tip that was particularly useful was that if someone can’t get their bacteria levels up with pro- or pre-biotics, then look to the gallbladder. Unless you have healthy gallbladder function, the microbiome will not not be diverse enough and that will then impact on many things throughout the body including mood, immunity etc.

Another clue to poor gallbladder function is a person not able to increase their Vitamin D levels despite taking a shed-load of Vitamin D.

I generally give gallbladder support of some type (depending on which gallbladder function is not quite right) in any gut protocol, but I shall re-double my research and efforts here now!

Hope that was interesting for you. Tip #3 soon…



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    1. Often people can still have problems because the bile flow is too slow and they no longer have a gallbladder to store enough.

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