Hypersensitive to Everything!

A useful little snippet of video here today for you which nicely illustrates two points.

First, this person with ME/CFS describes how she became hypersensitive to any form of stimulus, be that noise, light, food etc, and was controlled by anxious, racing thoughts and a sense of ‘existential dread’ all the time. That was me before the Healing Plan and why I wrote that book! It is pure amgydala switch locked-on-high stuff and we need to turn that switch right back down again – and keep it down (she says with experience as we are always vulnerable as sensitive sorts of people..!)

Next, she mentions how having poor adrenal status made things much worse and especially her menopause. We are normally more sensitive to stuff anyway as our hormones change – whether that’s a monthly cycle or a change of life time (men and women!). Your adrenals have to take over a lot of your hormone production as the ovaries and testes decline naturally. The problem is that most people’s adrenals are not up to the job and especially if there has been a chronic stressor going on, such as emotional stress, infection, allergy, inflammation etc.  If the adrenal output is low, your hormone levels will be too so my advice is always to get the adrenals balanced or boosted before menopause time and especially in chronic illness cases. Check the Adrenal Fatigue and Menopause factsheets for more info.

Have a look anyway:

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